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Thank you, That you are. I would not cope with it myself as beginner.

2017-08-21 One person is uknown man or woman ..... Wambutt Asmuo:1073328

1. The question: in Lithuanian translation there isn't the possibility to write marriage years There two points: Vedybų skaičius = what means "number of mariages" and another point related with marriage "Vaikų skaičius" - what means "Number of child"

Is it possible to correct this?

2. A mistake is: Pridėtį žmogų - correct is Pridėti žmogų - simple "i". It means add person Is there available to correct it? Thank you

2017-08-22 Audronaša (am I writing not here?)

4. As you can see for example on this page, some other users have written in the box "Giminė" a special form of the last name (like "Šlikų" for Šlikas, or Gaidžiai for Gaidys). I cannot tell if they are right.

Really it is good to write "Šlikų", because we write "Šlikų giminė" , but not "Šlikai giminė". We use Genitive case Šlikų.
I am writing in Nominativ "Vambutai" but this isn't good. I didn't know how RODOVIT will interpret in it reports.

Is it possible in one step in all boxses "Giminė" to change "Vambutas" to "Vambutų" or not?

I always don't know where to click to write or to answer
2017-09-06 I have: this time 46th row - it is written * - why, what it means?
♂ Jokūbas Vambutavičius Vambutas
♂ Jonas Vambutas

  • ♂ Jonas Vambutavičius Vambutas

Audronaša (a) 06:23, 2017 rugsėjo 6 (EEST)

It simply indicates persons whose parents are not registered on Rodovid. Dn Gov (d) 01:00, 2017 rugsėjo 7 (EEST)

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