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Hi! I'll put there non-translates messages which you need to translate.

Also, check plz this list for non-translated or not good translated messages:

--Ігор 12:47, 2009 liepos 20 (EEST)

[taisyti] Pirmas lapas

Hi I don't know whether it correct. If not - sendme correct version.

Tnx --Ігор 12:20, 2009 liepos 22 (EEST)

please, send me your e-mail --Igor 22:35, 2009 lapkričio 6 (EET)

[taisyti] Rodovid Rules

(Message sent to all Rodovid sysops)


There was a pretty large discussion on Rodovid Engine about establishing rules. You can see the result of this discussion on this page:

We propose to begin applying these rules Sunday, August 1 and to watch how it runs. Sincerly. --Christophe Tesson - talk. 12:10, 24 July 2010 (EEST)

Hi! What are you talking about?--Igor 00:47, 2010 lapkričio 19 (EET)

I had to delete all my family records that I have added because of privacy issues. The problem is that I cannot delete few of them because someone else edited them and I'm not a sysop. Is there any way I can delete them? --Stutas 18:49, 2010 lapkričio 19 (EET)

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